Easy card ( yoyo card)

To get around in Taipei, all you need is Easy card. It  is a “touch-and-go” IC ticketing system for the Taipei Metro, and bus services. Just pass the card over the sensor area to make a transaction.


Where to Get it?

It is available at Information Counter in all Taipei Metro stations and every convenience store. The ones sold in conveniece store are usually with cute character on it. There will be different style from time to time.

悠遊卡 圖案的圖片搜尋結果

As value can be added to the card at any time, there is no need to repeatedly purchase new cards. Beside adding value at Taipei Metro stations, you can also go to every convenience store to do it.



U-bike is the shared bike system run by the Taipei government. Simply register with an Easy-card, then all the U-bikes in Taipei are available to use.

Fee for renting bikes

The first thirty minutes of rental is free. After thirty minutes, it costs ten dollars for every thirty minutes. Best of all, there is no need to return the rented U-bike to the same station! Just find the slots, and return your bike!



Almost the whole Taipei is covered by the MRT system. It’s easy to get to all the tourist spots through MRT. The price is ranging from 15 NTD – 60 NTD based on the distance you take.

There are mainly 5 routes in MRT system. It’s easy to find the route simply follow different colors. To see the direction of the train, you can simply take a look up at the sign. It’s quite clear for you to know the direction. Besides, if you accidentally take the wrong direction, you can simply get off at the next station and go to the differenet side of platform. Then, you will be in the right way.


As for some famous spots along the MRT, I would introduce them in another article, since the main point of this one is to let you know the traportation in Taipie.

Rules in MRT station

Taiwnese tend to stand at the right side of the escalator. We will keep the left side for people in rush.

Once you get in the paid area, just remember no food or drink is allowed. Even water. Those who get caught might need to pay the fine.

While waiting for the trian, remember to quere in line.



There are too many bus routes in Taipei, even locals may not be quite familiar. If Google map recommend you to take bus, you can download the app “BusTracker Taipei” or “Taiwan Bus” to track your bus arrival time. Besides, it also shows the whole route for the bus. You can know which stop are you at simply by using this app. It’s indeed very convenient.


Almost every local has this app, if you don’t want to download it, just ask someone for help. Most of the Taiwanese are willing to help with visitors.

Rules for taking bus

You can pay by easy card or in cash. If you want to pay in cash, you havee to prepare the exact amount of money , or else the bus driver is unable to give you back change.

The fee for taking bus is $ 15 NTD per ride. Sometimes, you have to pay twice if you take a really long-distance bus-ride. But don’t worry. Just pay as the sign below shows, you will be fine.


When you see this sign, it means to pay when getting on the bus.


As for this one, pay when you getting off.



Taxi in Taiwan is in yellow color. Just wave your hand to it, it will stop and take you to your destination. Remember, only the one with the red sign means it’s now available to take.

The basic fee for taxi is $ 70 NTD. After that, it’s by meter.