Many of my friends are asking about where are the best place to see night view in Taipei. I’ve been thinking for a long time and I decided to recall back to all the places my boyfriend had brought me. Hope this could help you for arranging a romantic night with your love one.

1. Xiangshan ( Elephant Mountain)


It’s one of the best place to see Taipei 101 at night! Although it is called elephant mountain, it is actually a small hill. It only took about thirty minutes to get to the top of the hill.

How to get there:

Take MRT to Xiangshan station and follow the sign, it’s quite easy to find.

2. Yangming mountain


There are several nice restaurant in Yangming mountain. Before you go there, you had better reserve a table. Besides watching night view from the restaurant, you can also go to Chinese culture University to enjoy the free night view there.

How to get there:

Take MRT to Jiantan station, and leave at exit 3. Turn left and you will see the bus stop. Take bus number 260 or 303 and get off at Sanji lake 山仔湖 stop. Or you can simply take the bus R5 and go to chinese culture university and ask the students how to get to Chin Ren Po (情人坡).

3. Maokong


Come to Maokong, you can not only enjoy the night view but also the traditional tea culture. If the weather is good, taking the transparent gondola (cable car) with your loved one will be the most romantic experience for you.

貓空 透明的圖片搜尋結果

If you have more time, you can pay a visit to National Chengchi University nearby, which has the best business school in Taiwan.

How to get there:

Take MRT to Taipei Zoo station and follow the sign. It’s quite easy to find where to take cable car.

4. Jiufen


Jiufen is the most famous old street around new taipei city. It is said the director of Japanese movie “spirited away” got inspiration while walking along the street here. The architetural design is very impressive and is even more amazing at night time.

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5. Pinxi


There is a traditional way for Taiwanese to make wishes or make new year resolution. We would write it on the sky latterns and watch it fly into the sky. Usually, there would be a lot of people during chinese new year.

How to get there: Go to Taipei Main Station and take train to Ruifung station. Get off there and buy the one day ticket amd transfer to PinXi line. Usually it would be quite crowded, since Taiwanese people also like to go there to relax.

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