Jiufen is the most famous old street around new taipei city. It is said the director of Japanese movie “spirited away” got inspiration while walking along the street here. The architetural design is very impressive and is even more amazing at night time.

Along the street, there are quite a lot of delicacy you can’t miss.


This is taro ball. It’s one of the must-try dessert in Taiwan. Many Taiwanese even add taro ball into beverage to make the whole drink taste better.


This is caozaiguo, one of Taiwan’s famous snacks. Its filling is mostly red beans or radish strips, and its exterior is made from the mugwort.


This is fish ball soup. With stirred meat stuffing and chewy outside, fishball soup is also one of the must try food in Jiufen.


This is Taiwanese meat balls. Chewy outside and stirred meat stuffing inside. The best part is not the meatball itself but the combination with the sweet-spicy sauce.

How to get here:

The easiest way is to take the bus at ZhongXiao Fusin station Exit 1.


And go to this place and take bus 1062. It took about 1.5 hours to get to Jiufen. If you think it takes too much time, there are a lot of taxi drivers are willing to take you there. It costs about 250 NTD to get to Jiufen.