PingXi Line is one of the most popular branch line in Taiwan. In the past, PingXi is famous for its gold-mining. It used to be one of the most prosperous city among northern part of Taiwan. Now, it keeps the traditional architecture, culture and old street and becomes the most popular railway line.


The best way to travel along PinXi line is to buy a Day Pass!
Pingxi Line 1-Day Pass  costs $80 NTD, which allows unlimited stops along the Pingxi/Shen’ao Line.

Where to buy:

Tickets are sold at the Taipei, Songshan, Keelung, Ruifang, and Yilan railway stations, as well as some of the stations on the Pingxi Branch Line.

If you just want to visit a certain of the stations, Easy Card can also be used.

( To see what an Easy Card is, click on the link.)


Shifen Waterfall

Follow the crowd to the northeastern end of Shifen Old Street, follow the main highway until you reach a fork, and take the road to the right to get to the magnificent Shifen Waterfall.

Besides Shifen waterflow, all kinds of Taiwanese snacks can be seen in the Shifen old street.


Pingxi during the annual Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival

PinXi is a great place to set off a sky lantern. Writing wishes and new year resolution on paper lantern, and lighting the paper money inside to allow the lantern to float up into the sky is one of the traditional ways for Taiwanese to celebrate Chinese New Year. It’s said that by doing so, the gods could hear your voice and make your dream come true!